Our alternative treatments are suitable for a holistic healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, reestablishing harmony, self connection and peace of mind.


$55.00 1st Treatment
$40.00 Following Sessions

Specific points on the body are stimulated or sedated in order to restore the natural flow of vital energy along the channels related to the all the human vital systems, organs and glands. This reestablishes the harmonious balance between the physical, emotional and psychological aspects, generating integral health and well being. Excellent for digestion problems, insomnia, migraine, emotional distress, hormonal and metabolic disorders, among others.

Postural Alignment

50 mins $55.00

The uneven pressure on the spinal cord due to bad posture and stress causes pain and organic dysfunction. This traditional chiropractic alignment puts joints back in its place, liberating nerves and blood vessels that might be under the bone pressure. Great for relieve acute and chronic head, neck and back pain, sciatic and for retrieving proper organic and motor functions.


30min $30.00 / 60min $55.00 / 90min $85

A treatment that activates the self healing capacity of the body, through gentle manipulation, the subtle electromagnetic energy produced by the organs, is directed to the dysfunctional part of the patient’s body. This generates the proper conditions for the healing process.


60min $60.00

This method uses magnets in order to prevent, detect or eliminate active or dormant pathogenic intruders such as virus, fungus and bacteria that cause infections and allergies. It turns the body’s Ph. neutral, strengthening the immune system; keeps the cellular metabolic balance, preventing degenerative illness; lengthens the life of cells and tissues promoting ageless.

Ear Candling

45min $45.00

This ancient technique utilizes hollow candles. These create a gentle vacuum effect that extracts the wax, humidity and bacteria from the inner ear, clearing the channels that connect ears, eyes, mouth and sinuses. Alleviates discomfort in the area, avoid infections and improves senses.