Our alternative treatments are suitable for a holistic healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, reestablishing harmony, self connection and peace of mind.


30min $30.00 / 60min $55.00 / 90min $85

A treatment that activates the self healing capacity of the body, through gentle manipulation, the subtle electromagnetic energy produced by the organs, is directed to the dysfunctional part of the patient’s body. This generates the proper conditions for the healing process.


30min $35.00 / 60min $60.00
It uses acupressure in order to treat specific zones on the feet related the main organs and glands of the body. This, via nervous and energetic, stimulates those organs, restoring their proper functions, builds stress resistance, and promotes invigoration.

Chi Nei Tsang

30min $35.00 / 60min $60.00
Is a massage developed by Taoist practitioners, specific for the vital organs located in the abdomen. It releases the toxins generated by negative emotions that might harm those organs. Working with positive emotions and specific sounds related to the five elements, it transforms negative emotions and changes the cellular memory, breaking the addictive cycles to those toxins.
The best natural method for detoxify the main organs and relieve emotional stress.

All prices in american dollar.