Through these therapeutic methods we treat common, chronic and acute ailments such as head, neck and back pain, sciatica, muscle sprain, physical and emotional stress; generating a deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue

30min $35.00 / 60min $65 / 90min $90.00
A therapeutic method designed to treat severe tension in the deep muscles and the connective tissue or fascia. An intense pressure is applied in the body’s areas subject to continuous effort. It offers relief from deep muscular pain, especially in back, neck and shoulders. Is recommended for who are involved in heavy physical activity.


30min $35.00 / 60min $65.00 / 90min $90.00
This Japanese technique uses precise finger and palm pressure on specific acupuncture points. It restores the physical and energetic balance by retrieving the flow of vital energy along the channels related to main organs and systems of the body, improving general health and vitality.


30min $35.00 / 60min $60.00 / 90min $85
A very relaxing massage that uses several techniques specifically designed to relax muscles. Utilizing long continuous strokes of firm but gentle pressure, promotes blood oxygenation and circulation, activates the lymphatic system, detoxifies and generates a sense of overall wellbeing.


30min $35.00 / 60min $60.00 / 90min $85
A combination of the tree massages of above. Individual needs are determined by the therapist and the most beneficial method is then applied for the different needs of the affected areas of the body. This alleviates and relaxes on a precise and effective way.

Hot Stones

60min $75.00 / 90min $105
This method utilizes specific protocols to massage and place warm smooth stones in key areas of the body. The heat of the stones radiates into the points of pain and tension, relaxing muscles and tendons, increasing blood flow, range of motion and pain relief.
It also balances the chakras and induces a deep tranquility.

Thai Massage

60min $65.00 (on a table) / 90min $95.00 / 120min $125
An excellent traditional treatment, that integrating a combination of stretching and flexing movements with hand and foot pressure, eliminates muscle pain and stiffness of the joints, establishing a harmonic relation between body and mind.


60min $80.00 / 90min $110.00

An excellent treatment performed in water. While the patient is effortless floating, gentle flexion, stretch and Yoga like strokes are done in continuous fluid motion in order to release muscle plain and joint rigidity. Along with the movements, both, patient and therapist are consciously feeling positive emotions. This creates changes in the quality of cellular and quantum level, transforming fear and anxiety into joy and confidence, inducting a profound sense of inner peace and total physical relaxation.

Chi Nei Tsang

30min $35.00 / 60min $60.00
Is a massage developed by Taoist practitioners, specific for the vital organs located in the abdomen. It releases the toxins generated by negative emotions that might harm those organs. Working with positive emotions and specific sounds related to the five elements, it transforms negative emotions and changes the cellular memory, breaking the addictive cycles to those toxins.
The best natural method for detoxify the main organs and relieve emotional stress.


30min $35.00 / 60min $60.00
It uses acupressure in order to treat specific zones on the feet related the main organs and glands of the body. This, via nervous and energetic, stimulates those organs, restoring their proper functions, builds stress resistance, and promotes invigoration.

All prices in american dollar.