Special Treatments

Special Treatments

We count with treatments that use modern devises to diagnose and improve health and wellbeing with the latest technology.​


This electronic device, designed by the Dr. Hulga Clark, emits micro current of square waves of positives offsets that eliminates many kinds of bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites.

Basically is a frequency generator which superior harmonics destroy the pathogens by mean of electric resonance.

A couple of electrodes are placed on the affected area for a few minutes and the pathogens die This procedure does not cause any sensation to the patient.


The human body consists of about 70% salt water. The 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry rewards scientists, whose discovery of water channels into every cell in our bodies, has clarified how salts (ions) and water are transported out of and into the cells of the body. This is of great importance for our understanding of many diseases. Their research determined the spatial structure of a potassium ion channel. Thanks to this contribution we can now “see” ions flowing through cellular membrane channels that can be opened and closed by different electrical signals.

It is through these channels that the Ion Detox Foot Bath technology works. This technique, allows toxins go out through the feet when those membrane channels are stimulated with the proper electrical signals.


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